If/Then 10/12/14 (Ear Nibbling) ❤️


WHY HAVE I NOT POSTED THIS YET?! okay so at the show that night during the song “This Day” there are parts where Idina and James pose for photos while one of them is singing! Well during this while James sings Idina always kisses his cheek then bites his earlobe! So she did that and all was well and then when it came her time to sing instead of just kissing her cheek like he usually does, James decided to take a little revenge and nibbled her ear. Needless to say she was not prepared for it at all and completely flubbed over the next few lines because of how hard she was giggling. It was absolutely adorable and there was no harm done to the plot of the show, it just added an adorable factor to the whole scene.

So yeah that’s about it but I thought it was adorable and funny cause she giggled so hard! Story time over!