Anonymous asked:

I'm probably going to see If/Then this saturday. Are James and Jenn Colella currently on vacation/sick/out of the show? Really hoping to see them!

For all I know, they should be performing Saturday. Ms. Jenn Colella was on vacation recently, but she has returned from the looks of her Twitter. However, it is not guaranteed they will be performing due to numerious cicumstances such as sickness, family emergencies, etc. For you to know for sure is to tweet and ask them. Hopefully, they’ll give you an answer you’re looking for. 


Hey guys!

Well we knew it was official the second ticketmaster stated Idina would not be appearing at the performances of If Then from 9/30-10/2, but here’s If/Then officially confirming your chance to see Jackie Burns play Elizabeth!

Be sure to go out support her! :)

Also, be sure to get your tickets via ticketmaster or the box office. I believe there’s a wonderful offer code going around to save a little bit of money on tickets. It should be “PLAY4” and it should work until September 21st from what I last remember.

Tickets can be purchased here

If any of my followers have a chance, please go see Jackie perform! She’s amazing! Here is a YouTube video of her performing “Always Starting Over”. (x)

We have to support new and original music, as well as the understudies! If/Then is such a wonderful piece that I believe many should see regardless of who is performing. 

To dear teenage Twitter users (or in twenties or thirties or how old you are, read this)



Stop using the same icon and the same name of a celebrity for your account. It’s confusing to other Twitter users, and also disrespectful to your favorite “idol”. Respect them as a person if you really appreciate their work.

Especially when combined with using their name as your name to make it appear to others that it the celebrity tweeting/replying to them.

You know who you are.